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Everyday, as we see little Aarya continue to suffer the dreaded and challenging Neimann Pick C symptoms, we hope and pray that this is the last case we will ever see in our lifetime, But there are so many others, who are even more unfortunate. In the sense, they do not even know what is happening to their child, and are not even literate enough to comprehend that home remedies will not help. This Aurangabad based family of 3 year old Sarthak (seemingly healthy until now) were informed last month about the excruciatingly painful reality, that their child is now showing symptoms of this incurable Neimann Pick C2 syndrome. They are from the lowest economic stata of society and are daily wage earners, struggling to understand what has happened to their only child. They came to Mumbai hoping to find a cure for this ailment and were directed to our family, since we have researched significantly about this syndrome.

We cannot give them the false hope that Sarthak will live a long and fulfilling life. At the moment he is unable to eat food, and has to be operated upon immediately to insert the Gastrostomy feeding tube.

We can at least hope to give Sarthak a comfortable existence in the few years that he will spend on this planet. Please help us help little Sarthak eat well, with your donations. Please pitch in.